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Australian RMBS Heading For Busiest Year Since 2008

The Australian residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) market may be heading for its busiest year since 2008 issuance amid renewed investor interest in the asset class, according to a new report issued by Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services. The report, “Australian RMBS Issuance Has Strengthened, But Is The Revival Sustainable?,” notes that more than A$8 billion […]

Why China’s Residential Developers Are Back On Solid Ground

China’s residential real estate developers are on less shaky terrain this year. That’s a key finding from a new sector report issued by Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services titled “China’s Residential Developers Are Back On Solid Ground; Outlook Revised To Stable”.  Property sales have strengthened and more developers are able to improve their liquidity at […]

An Overview Of Australia’s Housing Market And Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities

Investors in Australian residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) continue to benefit from the strong credit performance of the underlying residential mortgage portfolios. However, there is only muted growth in new RMBS issuance activity where real-money investors, including limited foreign investors, are gradually re-emerging. Until quite recently, the Australian government’s partake in Australian RMBS has been heavily […]

Australia’s Quarterly RMBS Performance Watch Report Now Offers More Features

In Australia, Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services is now providing more features in its quarterly RMBS Performance Watch report. The latest edition includes a state-by-state breakdown of low-documentation (low-doc) loans underlying Australian RMBS, the arrears performance over time of investment loans compared with owner-occupied loans, the arrears performance of loans in metropolitan versus nonmetropolitan areas, […]

For China’s Property Developers, Will Weaker Economic Conditions Obstruct Recovery Prospects?

Like many others, Chinese property developers are nervously waiting to see what’s in store for China’s weakening economy. And they probably have some cause to worry. A weak economic outlook typically dampens purchasing power and investment sentiment, potentially leading to easing property sales and weaker credit quality. Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services has highlighted the […]

PODCAST: What’s Happening In Australia’s Housing And RMBS Markets

Investors in Australian RMBS continue to benefit from the strong credit performance of the underlying residential mortgage portfolios. Tune in as Melbourne-based analyst Erin Kitson provides an update on the Australian residential housing market and RMBS issuance activity. Click here to listen or download.

At Last, Some Good Signs Emerge For China’s Property Developers

The outlook is looking a tad brighter for China’s real estate developers. That’s a key finding from Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services’ latest review of the sector titled “Top 10 Investor Questions: Chinese Real Estate Developers”. According to the report, signs of stabilization are emerging for the sector, which has been battling tricky market conditions […]

Singapore REITs Can Withstand Weaker Rental Outlook And Modest Decline In Valuations

Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services puts the spotlight on Singapore’s real estate investment trusts (REITs) in this commentary titled “CreditFAQ: Why Singapore REITs Can Survive Their Financial Fitness Test.” Like REITs elsewhere around the globe, the report notes that Singapore REITs, or S-REITs, face a series of possible headwinds. These include declines in rent and […]

Housing Boom or Bust in China

Recent news reports suggest that China’s economy is experiencing slower growth, around 8% vs 10% in recent past.   Chinese economic policy is shifting towards stimulus despite some comments that inflation is creeping upward. Against this background questions about housing prices are being heard. Based on anecdotal comments heard “on the ground” during a recent visit […]

For China’s 80,000+ Property Developers, 2012 Is Shaping Up As ‘Survival Of The Fittest’

Chinese property developers are in the doldrums: sales are slowing amid high inventory, borrowing costs and refinancing risks are rising, and intensifying competition may lead to a price war. These are just a few of the findings in Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services’ latest report on the sector, “The Credit Overhang: Chinese Developers With Large […]


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