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Mortgage default rates hold steady at recent lows

Today, September 20th, S&P Indices and Experian released August data for the S&P/Experian Consumer Credit Default Indices, which measure changes in consumer credit defaults, and the results were fairly optimistic. The indices showed first and second mortgage default rates remained almost flat, with the first mortgage rate moving down from 1.93% in July to 1.92% […]

Mortgage default rates improved in June, some good news for the housing market.

Earlier today, S&P Indices and Experian released June data for the S&P/Experian Consumer Credit Default Indices, which measure changes in consumer credit defaults (see Dave Guarino’s post below).  The indices showed first and second mortgages default rates decreased in June to 2.02% and 1.40%, respectively, from May rates of 2.09% and 1.42%. By and large, […]

What Next: S&P/Case-Shiller Indices Next Tuesday

Last month’s report, for March 2011, confirmed that housing prices are headed down and that some cities have broken below the lows set in 2009.  As we approach the report for April due out on Tuesday June 28th at 9 AM, here’s a look at some recent data and comments which might give a hint […]

The Backlog is the Problem

Last  Sunday the New York Times reported that it may take 62 years to clear out all the foreclosures in New York State.  New York is one of the 23 states where the courts play a role in resolving defaults and foreclosures. In the other 27 states the process is much faster but it could […]

What the future could look like for U.S. home mortgages

Although the prospects for the U.S. housing finance market are currently bleak, a disciplined remodeling of the residential mortgage market could bring about a slow and steady return of private capital and help borrowers sleep easier at night, said industry executives speaking at a panel discussion during Standard & Poor’s Housing Summit: Boom, Bust and […]

Mortgage Debt Still Weighs on Consumers

By now the arguments that one reason the recovery is weak is that everyone is suffering from an overhang and excess of debt are well known.  Home mortgages as the largest portion of household debt in the US are the issue.   A glance at the Federal Reserve’s Flow of Funds data, released last Friday, shows that […]

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